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The Highland Horn Company Ltd, Registered Office and Postal address

“Taigh na Corrach”, Knockmuir Brae, Avoch, Ross shire IV9 8RD

(hereafter referred to as the Company)

Registered in Scotland SC203192

UK VAT Regd Number 743057835

Office Telephone number 01381 622488

Office Fax number 0845 280 2225

E mail address enquiries@highlandhorn.com

The Company is registered in Edinburgh with the Scottish Government as Animal By Product Plant U1047474 and trades as such from premises at Unit 18, Fyrish Way, Teaninich Industrial Estate, Alness, Ross shire IV17 0PJ.

Horn and bone product stocked and handled is done so in full compliance with current import regulations ( where import is relevant to the goods concerned ) such materials having passed stringent import controls and inspections and being clean and free from visible contamination of any kind.

In purchasing goods from The Highland Horn Company Ltd you are entering into a legally binding contract with the Company on the following terms.

Please take time to read and understand these terms as they directly affect your rights and liabilities. The terms below reflect the basis for purchase by you and sale by us (the Company) of the items described on this site.

Method of trading on the World Wide Web ( Internet ).

The Company website ( www.highlandhorn.com ) aims to provide a concise and accurate description of the goods stocked and offered for sale including recommendations for and limitations in common uses of specific materials and items.

In browsing the Company website, you may select, compile and submit a draft order to us.

On this being received, the Company will automatically e mail an acknowledgement of this draft order to you. A representative of the Company will thereafter contact you by phone or email, confirming the details of your proposed order and discussing and assuring you as to the suitability and limitations of any material choices you have made.

You may agree with the Company the best carriage option that may suit your wishes, budget and desired time and method of delivery.

Where delivery by a certain date and/or time is required, particular surcharges may apply, but should this be the case, any such additional charge(s) shall be fully costed and explained to you ahead of final agreement being made between you and the Company.

Where the Company have contracted a third party to uplift and subsequently deliver a customer's ordered goods, then whether such costs incurred in delivery are individually charged or incorporated in the overall cost of goods ordered, should any delay occur in delivery, the Company shall not be held liable, financially, consequentially or otherwise for any such late delivery.

In the UK, the Company will most commonly send your goods with FEDEX or the Royal Mail.

European and Non UK despatches will be matched to the best available Courier or Mail service to suit the good and customer's preferences on a order by order basis - charged out at cost price.

The costs for packaging and delivery will be additional to your draft order and an overall (delivered) total price shall be agreed between you and the Company before the order is finalised.

This final estimate may be emailed to you where you may require ahead of the order being processed. Payment may be by Credit or Debit card ( there are NO surcharges in either case), cheque, BACS ( Bank Transfer ), cash or Paypal ( the Company reserves the right to utilise Paypal for transactions outwith the UK where it is a means of conveniently dealing with currency differences ).

In the case of Paypal or Bank Transfer payments, regardless of the buyers location or value of order, all associated charges related to the payment and the payment process shall be bourne by the buyer unless agreed otherwise.

The Company reserves the right NOT to supply retail goods ( especially “raw” materials ) in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand and owing to previous negative experience of Customs related issues.

Description of Goods All items offered for sale are detailed and described carefully and accurately, with particular attention given to lengths and diameters in respect of raw materials.

Upon receipt of your order and following our contact with you to confirm order details, goods will be selected by us as being true to their advertised description, being sound, even and free from visible defects and as overall being fit for the purpose which we understand you will use them for.

Upon receipt of any goods from the Company, should you be less than satisfied and in particular where any length or diameter in raw material has failed to have been met, you, as the buyer, may contact us with a view to seeking exchange or refund as is applicable to the material or item or items concerned. You may do this at any time for a period of 14 days starting on the day after you take delivery of the Company’s goods.

Where exchange of an order is required through our own ( the Company’s ) negligence, then all costs concerned in the exchange shall be met by the Company.

Differences in individual opinion shall from time to time arise as concerns raw material and it’s suitability to create a specific finished article.

The capability of the individual as a craftsman shall also have significant bearing on the use of individual pieces of raw material.    We shall advise as to the suitability of certain grades of materials in terms of their adequacy in enabling the individual to fashion certain recognised items.   Where the buyer chooses to ignore such advice, particularly on a cost saving basis,  the Company shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for the exchange or refund of materials so purchased unless these are 100% unused and are returned to the Company at the buyers expense, the costs of which shall be non refundable.

It will be clearly stated and understood that where the buyer wishes merely to exchange any raw material for an alternative ( but similar ) item or items, that the Company shall be willing to facilitate this, but all exchange carriage costs will be bourne by the buyer.

Only where exchange or refund is necessary owing to the Company’s negligence shall carriage costs be bourne by the Company.

In any instance where returns, refunds or exchanges are required, for whatever reason or reasons, the Company shall do their utmost to facilitate the logistics in uplift,, transport and return of goods.

It will also be an exception to the reimbursement of carriage costs that where the buyer is dissatisfied with “second quality” raw materials or “working grade” shanks ( advertised and sold as such), the Company WILL refund or exchange such materials within the permitted 14 day period, but WILL NOT pay the carriage costs incurred, as these shall be bourne by the buyer.

In instances where the raising of credit or refund is required and goods have originally been delivery on a surcharged time sensitive arrangement, the Company will only reimburse the basic cost of the carriage concerned.

Premiums paid, over and above the cost of basic carriage that have upgraded the delivery option to a time sensitive option shall not be reimbursed.

When goods are to be returned to the Company where the buyer considers the material received to be defective, inadequate or where items have been ordered in error, the Company requires the goods to be accompanied by a written description of why the return or refund request arises.

The Company WILL NOT exchange any raw materials found to have internal defects, unseen at the time of selection.

For the avoidance of doubt, the buyer may download a specimen Cancellation / Returns Form from this site ( at the base of this page ).

Where any return process is initiated or undertaken by the buyer and these goods may go astray, the Company shall require proof of despatch of goods in order that they work with the buyer towards an amicable resolution of the issue.

Where any ordered material or materials are out of stock at the time of ordering, the Company shall offer any reasonable alternative at no extra cost to the buyer notwithstanding the further limitations of stock in so doing.

Where fully finished horn goods are bought from the Company, such as spoons, forks, orange peelers, shoe horns, beakers, tankards, combs, buttons, bangles and similar items and where these items have been  formed through the thermoplastic characteristics of horn as a material, no exchange or refunds shall be considered where it is apparent that these items -  should they have gone "out of shape" - have been exposed to a heat source ( their cleaning in dishwashers included ) which will have contributed to their failure.

All goods remain the property of the Company and title shall remain with the Company until paid for in full.

Where additional costs are incurred by the Company pursuing any monies owing in respect of goods sold or services provided relative to goods sold, the Company may pursue any such costs and allied charges from the buyer.


Return of Goods / Cancellations form - 300kb Download. Please enclose a copy of this completed form with goods to be returned.

Highland Horn Company Ltd, Taigh na Corrach, Knockmuir Brae, Avoch, Ross-Shire, Scotland IV9 8RD

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