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Currently on special offer!

VERY substantial stock of these excellent sticks - so longer term Special Offer
Same material as regular chestnut (52 - 54") but stripped and longer air dried. The knotting is still very much a feature, many of our regular customers for these are fond of pyrographing designs onto them.

Stripped shanks always a good contrasting choice for darker coloured handles.

PREMIUM - very best available, superbly straight and assured taper.

STANDARD - good everyday stick, well balanced and very well straightened. 23 - 26mm

HEAVY WEIGHT - Tops are 27 - 30+mm.

WORKING - Not show winners, but strong, everyday sticks

Stripp. Chestnut Premium: £4.95 each
Stripp. Chestnut Standard: £4.75 each
Stripp. Chestnut Heavy Wt: £4.75 each
Stripp. Chestnut Working: £3.75 each

Fumed Chestnut Shanks

Special OfferFumed Chestnut Shanks

Currently on special offer!

Longer term Special Offer ( large stock )

These are Stripped Chestnut, carefully dried then fumed using ammonia, resulting in a unique, rich, mid brown finish which will complement a wide variety of tops.

All shanks in range 50" - 54"

PREMIUM - very best available, good taper, superbly well straightened

STANDARD - good everyday stick, well balanced and very well straightened.
Generally 23 - 26mm tops

HEAVY - as standard but 27mm+ tops.

WORKING - good workaday sticks, perhaps a larger dressed off knot or corrected dogleg, but well serviceable

Fumed Chestnut Premium: £4.95 each
Fumed Chestnut Standard: £4.75 each
Fumed Chestnut Heavy: £4.75 each
Fumed Chestnut Working: £3.75 each

Crutch / Derby pattern handle

Special OfferCrutch  / Derby pattern handle

Currently on special offer!

Traditional supportive walking stick handles in Crutch only (bottom of photo) pattern.
Finished and polished in FANTASTICALLY FIGURED North Indian Rosewood.

Crutch Rosewood: £2.35 each

Ox Horn Hollows

Special OfferOx Horn Hollows

Currently on special offer!

These are cut from our "Craft Grade" material and are suited to making drinking cups / similar or for cutting to yield layered, variegated strips or small blocks of material for capping or general craft and jewellery work.
Good for bangles!!! Fantastic interesting and attractive colours. 10 - 16" random cut lengths, typically 3 - 5" internal diameter on broad end and 2 - 4" internal diameter on the narrow end.
We can offer good bulk discounts from huge current stock, export orders catered to with ease subject to required Customs paperwork at destination.

Ox Horn Hollows - singles: £0.75 each

Needle Rasp set

Special OfferNeedle Rasp set

Currently on special offer!


6 piece, super sharp, varied profiles, same grade of alloy as our Dreadnought file range.

Great for creating intricate detail in horn.

Supplied "carded" and with plastic handles pre fitted

Price: £4.95 each

Cabinet rasps

Special OfferCabinet rasps

Currently on special offer!

The half round for rough preparatory work and the round for sharp and rapid removal of material in the formation of turned out noses / inside lines. 10 inch round is particularly sharp and supplied in 2nd cut format

12 inch half round: £5.00 each
10 inch half round: £2.50 each
10 inch round: £2.50 each

Milenicut files

Special OfferMilenicut files

Currently on special offer!

Similar to Dreadnought files but have an offset and cross notchedtooth pattern making them ideal for rapid removal of material whilst leaving an excellent smooth worked surface
Supplied with hardwood handle.

Half round 10 inch: £7.00 each
Flat 10 inch: £7.00 each
Half round 12 inch: £8.50 each
Flat 12 inch: £8.50 each

Dreadnought File

Special OfferDreadnought File

Currently on special offer!

Sometimes called "milled tooth" files. Made in specially hardened alloy steel and produced with a definite undercut to ensure that they remain "clog" free in use, these are, without doubt "the" files to work horn with.
Supplied with hardwood handles

Half round 10 inch: £7.00 each
Flat 10 inch: £7.00 each
Half round 12 inch: £8.50 each

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